Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mecca Masjid

Mecca masjid is considered as the biggest masjid in the entire South India. Mecca masjid takes the position after Jama masjid and Gulbarga masjid as a biggest one in India. In the year 1614, in the authority and supervising of Daroge Mir Faizullah Baig and Choudhary Rangaiah, the late Sultan Mohamed Quli Kuthub Shah has started its construction. Some of the evidences prove that labour of about 8,000 people have worked in the construction of Masjid. After the demise of Quli Kuthub Shah, Abdul Kuthub Shah and Abul Hasan Thanisha and have under taken the responsibility of completing the construction of the Masjid. In the year 1687, in the dynasty of Aurangazeb, the construction was completed. So, it is estimated that the construction of Masjid has taken nearly 75 years with a total cost of about Rs. 8 Lakhs in those days in a 3 acres of spacious area.

The Masjid was built with a dimension of 225 feet in length, 180 feet in width and 75 feets in height. At a height of 35 feets, we can see Arches of about 15 feet each.

After the construction in 1687 by Aurangazeb of Moughal Dynasty, the masjid was named as “Baithullah Athik”. But when the brick from Holy Mecca Masjid was placed in the masjid, the people have started calling it as “Mecca Masjid”. Thereafter, as the time passed on, the masjid became popular with the name ‘Mecca Masjid’.

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