Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Diwali Festive season starts

In Hyderabad, every street is setup with a Outlet stores of Fireworks and Crackers. At few a place you can find the children playing while burning the crackers. This is not unsual that children start playing with the burning of Crackers even before the Festival.
In market, we also able to find the Diyas(a bowl kind of thing but very small in size to lite the fire/Deepas) that bring the bright glory on the days of Deepavali.
Even the people have started planning to move to their near and dear ones staying at far places, by reserving their travel tickets in both Buses and Railway. And also in the coorporate and other companies we can find Employees applying for a leave on Monday to celebrate the Festival along with the entire family members on a continuous days followed by weekend holidays.

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