Saturday, October 4, 2008

Air Show in Hyderabad

For the first time, Hyderabad is going to host a prestigious Air Show at a International Level from October 15 to 18 in the Begumpet Airport.

Hyderabad city is planning to add one more prestigious event along with its Historical importance. From October 15, 2008 onwards for 4 days, in the skies of Greater Hyderabad, all the famous Aircrafts and Planes will take off and entertain the people of twin cities. It is a prestigious event, where all the old vintage and current period aircrafts and planes from all over the world will fly in the ‘Air Show’ conducted in the Hyderabad. The necessary arrangements are taken to organize this Air show in the Begumpet Airport which is vacant from many days. It is expected that about 37 countries are participating in this Air Show.

This event is presenting the various changes that underwent in the evolution of aeronautical technology right from the old vintage planes to current A-380 Air bus. The planes from 37 countries are exhibiting their advancements in aeronautical technology in developing both the Air Buses and war crafts.


1)In this event, A-380 Air Bus from France will entertain all in the ‘Air Show’. This Air Bus is equal to the part of Football ground in dimension.
2)It is expected that A-380 will takes revolutions in the blue sky of city.
3)Recently launched A-319 airplane is going to grab the attention of the spectators.
4)The war crafts of Indian Airforce to name a few SuryaKiran, Sarang Helicopters will be the special attractions to entertain the spectators.
5)This event will host the famous planes like Boeing 777, Air Bus 340, Air Bus 400, Lier Jet, Global Express, Challenger, CRJ 900, Gulf Stream, Illusion, and Hacker Beachcraft.
6)Various delegates and representative from different countries are participating in this prestigious ‘Air Show’ event.

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