Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sale counters of Fireworks need permission from City Police

On the eve of Deepavali (Deewali) festival, along with the worship of Goddess Lakshmi Devi, the fireworks and crackers add a color and glory to the festival. The retail and wholesale counters of these Fireworks and Crackers can be found in all areas. As we all are aware that from couple of years, in order to avoid accidents and unexpected explosions at Firework Sale Counters, the Department of Police started taking preventive and safety measures to ensure the festival season is celebrated at merry.

On occasion of Deepavali, the sale of Fireworks and Crackers starts atleast one month before in many locations in twin cities. Considering the safety of people, the Police have announced that the Retail and Wholesale seller should take permission by proving that setting up of Sale counter in public places is no harm by ensuring all safety measures been taken.
The Police have announced that all the Retail and Wholesale seller should take permissions from them by October 4th and should assure to take all the safety measures. If anyone violates the below mentioned instructions suggested by Police, will have to face the consequences when setting up a Sales counter.
  • It’s a mandatory that every Retail and Wholesale counters should take the permissions from Fire Department and Police Departments.
  • The firework sellers should attach an Agreement letter from the House/Building owners along with GHMC permission letter.
  • Spacious area and Plan (Blue print) of the shop needs to be attached.
  • As per the instructions, only the specified amount of Fireworks needs to be stored.
  • Stalls and storage rooms of Fireworks and Crackers placed in an open land or spacious area are encouraged.
  • Shops and Stalls should keep all the Fire exhausts, sand and water at easily accessible places.
  • Use of Child Labor is strictly prohibited in these Stalls.
  • If any shop or stall does not follow properly or violates these instructions will be liable to cancellation of their permission and also attract the Legal case against them.

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