Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Be Cautious and Be Happy.

While raining, being cautious and taking the necessary safety measures when dealing with the serial lights and decorations at the Ganesh Utsav mandapam(stages) will help us all in celebrating the festival season with delight.

As we all are aware that both festival seasons of Ganesh Utsav and Ramzan came in the same period. We wish these auspicious periods of celebration and worships should proceed with Happiness and prosperous allowing everyone to share their joy with others.
But due to rains, all the serial lights or decorations at the Ganesh mandapam and Masjids need to be arranged and maintained with utmost keen observance. Official Authorities and Experts warn people to have an early precautions and safety measures that avoid any accidents or miserable incidents caused due to short circuits.

  • All the Masjids and Ganesh mandapas needs to arranged with a switch boards and Fuse cut-out boards with necessary measures. If they are not arranged earlier please see that those are arranged immediately to avoid circuit breakouts.
  • Use branded and properly insulated wires, and try to avoid the wires that are insulated with sticker tapes or has more breaks in the circuit.
  • Use PVC pipes for wiring and contact the right person or electrician to work on these wire circuits.
  • For every circuit, use the Fuse that can with stand the capacity of the electrical circuits.
  • Use a proper control switch for every Halogen Bulb.
  • All the decorations and wire circuits should be placed atleast 6 feet above the ground level.
  • At every main switch, see that you provide a Rubber mat and all Fire exhausts handy.
  • If required see that the Electrician is available at the locations who can come in a shorter time span when needed.

If any problem arises due to electricity, please contact the following numbers.

Central Zone:
Saifabad ADE – 9440812988
Shankar matt ADE – 9440812994
Greenlands ADE - 9440812852

North circle:
James Street ADE - 9440812853
Bowenpally ADE - 9440812849
Rathibowli ADE - 9440812998

South circle:
Charminar ADE - 9440812925
Asman Ghad ADE - 9440812929
Begumbazaar ADE - 9440812948

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