Monday, January 12, 2009

Kite Festival at Necklace road

For three days, there is a Kite Festival is celebrated at the People’s Plaza, Necklace road. On the eve of Sankranthi Festival, every year Kite Festival is celebrated at the Necklace road located on the banks of the Hussain Sagar lake. Every year, the admirers of Kites from all over the world come here to participate in this Kite festival and the local citizens of Hyderabad take the pleasure of flying the kites along with these admirers with their variety designs of Kites.

In this year of 2009, A Voluntary Organization working for the Hearing impaired Children “ASHRAY-AKRUTI” is organizing the KITE Festival in order to support the hearing impaired children. The Inaugural ceremony of Kite Festival will start at 4:00 pm on Tuesday, January 13, 2009. This Kite Festival is long for three days and ends on the 15th of January at 10:00 pm. The Fans and admirers of Kites will participate in this event to make the Celebration even more brightful.


Gaurav said...

will there be same event this year too?

reshma M said...
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