Monday, January 5, 2009

Citizens can reach Cops through a SMS to 9010100100

It is found that, when we dial a Toll Free Number 100 to reach the Cops of Hyderabad, either the number will be in a Engaged mode or No one lifts the call. People are finding it difficult to access the dialed number `100'. Though the caller hears the ring when they dial the number, the call was not landing at the control room.To find a solution to this problem, The Police department has come up with a special feature as – ‘SMS to Cops at number 9010100100.

From this New Year 2009, everyone can send their complaints or information about a Terror through this SMS facility. When any Short message service(SMS) is sent to the number, operators at the control room will alert the concerned police station based on the information obtained through SMS.

Every Cell phone user who wants to send a SMS can send their message based on these various categories – the complaints can be anyone among Traffic, Terrorism, Women, Crime, and Others. The SMS sender should first enter the category then followed by their composed complaint/issue message. But just like Toll Free Number ‘100’, these SMS messages sent will be charged by the Mobile Service providers which may vary from 50 paisa to Re.1.

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