Saturday, November 1, 2008

Daily Water Supply from Nov 1st, 2008

A long awaited decision to supply Drinking water daily has started from Nov 1st onwards. All the necessary arrangements are taken to supply the 3.50 Lakhs connections with duration of one hour. The pipeline works as a part of RingMain-2 to supply the Krishna River water to twin cities is estimated to complete in an 8 days. With these Krishna River water, the scarcity in the city will lessen to much more extent.

It was initially decided to supply Drinking water daily to only 1.7 Lakhs connections as a on a Pilot run on an eve of Andhra Pradesh Formation day. And if very thing goes in a feasible way then rest of the connections of about 3.5 Lakhs will be supply regularly on a day to day basis instead of alternate days from November 14th onwards. Presently, the water is been supplied for more than 2 hours in a alternate days. If this regular supply of water daily begins then the water is supplied for only an hour.

If anyone has any issues and concerns regarding the daily supply of Drinking water, they can raise their queries at the numbers 040- 6687 2200, 6687 2201 and 6687 2202. These queries will be answered by The Managing Director of Water Supply Board, Mr. Ashok Kumar. You can dial these numbers on every Third Saturday to give your valuable feedbacks and Suggestions in a “Phone to MD” programme conducted by The Managing Director.

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