Friday, August 15, 2008

Volunteers rescue snakes them from snake charmers

Volunteers rescue snakes them from snake charmers on the occasion of Nagapanchami

Volunteers from Bharatiya Prani Mitra Sangh, Blue Cross, Sahayog Organisation, Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Society, Prani Mitra Ramesh Jagirdar Memorial Society, Abhay Go Sewa Sansthan and Friends of Snakes are the associations working together to protect Animal in Twin cities. They have rescued nearly 50 snakes of various types from snake charmers in Twin cities.
Recently these all organisations have conducted a attacks in Twin cities, the volunteers have divided themselves in various teams and spread out to various parts of the city to save Animals, Snakes and Birds from people who sell them or provide them on a Rent basis for Rs.500.

On a name of sacred worships and entertaining the people, few snake charmers as a part of their livelihood, they make a business or earn money by playing the Monkeys, Snakes and also parrots in streets and also harass them by stitching their mouth, enclosing in cage and feed them irregularly.

Joshi representing People for Animal and Mahesh representing Sahyog Organisation informed that - if anyone sees any activity of harassing these Animals as a Business they can inform these Animal Activists through a phone numbers - 9849993374, 040-27537540.

The rescued animals which were freed from torture, after their recovery, would be segregated based on their types and then the Forest Department personnel would set them free in their natural habitat.

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