Sunday, August 3, 2008

About Hyderabad

Greater Hyderabad - being a place among the few Indian cities which has a well preserved cultural heritage and modernity. Hyderabad is known for its culture, fine arts and certain sophistication in manners.

Residents, Culture, Tourism, Educational Institutes, IT Hub and much more than anything, Hyderabad presents a true picture of secularism and diversity.

Hyderabad is a great place for tourists with many attractions.

Hyderabad, being the capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh, it is the fifth largest city in India with an ancient civilization and culture. Hyderabad is one among twin cities along with its twin Secunderabad. The twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderbad are nearly 500 years old and is noted for its natural beauty, mosques and minarets, bazaars and bridges, pearls, Bangles, and Biryani.

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